“Veterinarians are responsible for safeguarding animal and human health. Good a…

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“Veterinarians are responsible for safeguarding animal and human health. 🐄👪🐕🩺 Good animal health and welfare starts with good care and management, minimizing adverse environmental exposures, ensuring availability of sufficient space, clean water, a proper diet, and minimal stress” – says Dr Maaike van den Berg, WVA Councilor for Europe and Chair of the Strategic Focus Group on Pharmaceutical Stewardship. 💊

“Animal health also depends strongly on access to safe and effective veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccines. And prevention of disease decreases the need for the use of antimicrobials. However, in many regions of the world, these are not readily available. Proper use of and access to high-quality pharmaceuticals, and appropriate oversight of ordering, prescribing and dispensing these pharmaceuticals are a big concern for all animal health stakeholders.”

➡️ Find out more in the WVA Position Statement on Availability of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals: https://buff.ly/30E0iWc
➡️ Read the full press release on #WorldAntimicrobialAwarenessWeek : https://buff.ly/3oFvlcM

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