Throughout #WomensHistoryMonth, when we’ve asked present day pioneers in veterin…

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Throughout #WomensHistoryMonth, when we’ve asked present day pioneers in veterinary medicine who their mentors were or who they looked up to, one name has appeared multiple times – Dr. Ruby Perry, Dean and Professor of Veterinary Radiology at Tuskegee University, College of Veterinary Medicine.

We were ecstatic that Dr. Perry took some time to offer this advice for young women considering a veterinary career! Thank you for the inspirational message and all that you do for veterinary medicine, Dr. Perry!!

(Dr. Perry’s quote continued: „Do not shy away from taking those science and math courses that you will need toward a science career. Attend health fairs or programs that target science and veterinary medicine. You can also shadow a veterinarian. If you have a pet and you know your veterinarian, you could ask if you could be allowed to shadow them at work. Take advantage of as many opportunities to learn and develop good study habits. The more you know about science and math, the more courage you can develop to stay on track and not lose sight of your goal.”

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) nuotrauka.


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