Animal Licensing Activities Regulations 2018 (England): Veterinary Resources

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When the new animal activities licensing regulations came into force in England 2018 they placed a greater requirement on vets in private practice who had responsibilities for licensed premises, including breeding and boarding establishments, to become more involved in some of the related activities. Vets in practice have asked for more detail on some of the requirements expected of them so BSAVA, BVA, BVZS, the Companion Animal Sector Council (CASC) and Canine and Feline Sector Group (CFSG), of which BSAVA is a member, have collaborated to develop a suite of resources to support vets whether in private veterinary surgeons in practice or if working with Local Authorities as Veterinary Inspectors. Find out more 👉

Animal Licensing Activities Regulations 2018 (England): Veterinary Resources



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